This is my big brother Charlie.


Savannah Banana! My niece, playing in the sandbox at my house.


This is my Andy Pandy!! 


This is my best friend Savannah W. Savannah is from North Carolina. Also one of the coolest people to be around! 


This is my mom and Dad. 

Me and Savannah at my graduation from Alldredge Academy in WV.

My first dress. Buckskin, with red, black, and white beads. 


This is the first ever bracelet I ever made

I made these two not too long ago. The red, black, white, and blue one was the first loom piece I did, and the top is a choker.

Loom bracelets I did.

Earrings I made.

These are earrings I made to match my regalia. 

These are  Turquoise and Yellow brick stitch earrings I made.